Thursday, 7 July 2016

Weibel Muzzel Velocity Radar Ideal for Hanwha Techwin's K-9 Thunder Howitzers

Weibel Scientific hosted a signing ceremony at Eurosatory two weeks ago with Hanwha Techwin for a cooperation agreement regarding Weibel's MVRS-700SC muzzle velocity radars for Hanwha Techwin's  K-9 Thunder howitzer. 

Weibel Scientific’s family of tactical MVRS radars measure the muzzle velocity for artillery systems in order to increase the hit probability. 
Integrated into various third-party defense systems, these compact radars provide high reliability since Weibel Scientific started producing them in 1992. 

Weibel’s muzzle velocity radars are mounted on third-party systems, and through self-calibration and active motion compensation technologies, the MVRS-700 radar sets the global standard for measurements of modern artillery with minimum maintenance and logistic requirements. Today more than 1,500 Weibel Scientific systems have been delivered to 20 countries.

During and after Eurosatory, Weibel reports having recieved  a lot of interest around its new MVRS-700MS muzzle velocity radar - for heavy mortar systems, and its new SeaEAGLE FCRO Fire Director -  for naval platforms, as part of Weibel's long range tracking and discrimination GFTR-2100 radars for ballistic missile defence.

Sea Eagle FCRO has been designed to provide a high level of automated operation, reducing operator workload and improving performance under high-stress conditions while
lower training requirements. The system will automatically detect, acquire and track targets with both the radar and electro-optical

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