Thursday, 7 July 2016

CONFERENCE ALERT: NATO Towards the Challenges of a Contemporary World – After the Warsaw 2016 Summit

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, Dr Robert Czulda from the Department of Theory of International and Political Studies at the prestigious University of Łodz, Poland writes:
In cooperation with NATO Public Diplomacy Division, the International Relations Research Institute in Warsaw and Faculty of International and Political Studies (University of Łodz, Poland) in cooperation with Institute of Political Studies (Charles University, Czech Republic) have a pleasure to invite you to participate in the international conference “NATO Towards the Challenges of a Contemporary World – After the Warsaw 2016 Summit.”

The conference will be held by the University of Łodz (pronounced "Woodj") in Poland from 17 to 18 November 2016. The invitation is addressed to scholars, researchers, experts and professionals who are interested in NATO issues and the transatlantic security.

The conference will address all major issues related to NATO and the Warsaw Summit 2016, including: 
  • NATOs Eastern Flank (including VJTF)
  • NATOs Southern Flank (including migration crisis and the Islamic State)
  • NATOs Northern Flank (including cooperation with Sweden and Finland)
  • Current and future NATO Strategic Concept
  • Air and missile defense (including EPAA)
  • The transatlantic defense and security relations
  • Regional dimensions of NATO (including the V4 cooperation)
  • Out of area (including the Middle East and Afghanistan)
  • Psychological/information warfare
  • NATO towards new and potential partners (including Ukraine, Georgia, and others)
  • Open door policy
  • NATO and Russia
  • NATO European Union
  • NATO and cyber-security
  • NATO and energy security
  • Smart defence and capability building
  • Nuclear deterrence (both tactical and strategic)
  • Other issues related to current NATOs agenda and the Warsaw Summit 2016
More details, including the application form, is available at


NAVAL FORCES and MILITARY TECHNOLOGY magazines are proud media partners of this important conference event.

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