Thursday, 30 June 2016

TNO: Resilient Ship Design Course | 18 – 21 April 2017, Rotterdam

Although warships have several layers of defence, history shows a multitude of incidents where these failed and resulted in a ship's severe battle damage. 

The ships design can provide an adequate level of resilience against anti-ship missiles, UNDEX threats, shaped charges, gunfire or asymmetric threats. You can learn all about it in this course organised by TNO Defence Research from The Netherlands.

The course was created with the following in mind:
- Navy personnel
- Survivability experts
- Shipyards
- Designers of naval vessels
- Naval ship manufacturing industry
- Managers of new naval projects
- Project engineers who make specifications of naval equipment and installations
- Engineers who monitor naval building or upgrade projects
- Technical procurement officers
- Classification societies

The main purpose of the course is to understand the basics of designing against modern above water and underwater threats. The course is specifically focused on early design stages in which crucial decisions have to be made within short periods of time. Participants will learn the principles of ship survivability, so that they are able to design themselves, to communicate with specialists, to tackle an underwater shock problem or to deal with above water threats. The knowledge can also be applied to upgrade ships for new threats.

The program of the four day course can be found in this flyer and on 

18 - 21 April 201
STC - Mullerzaal, Lloydstraat 300, 3024 EA Rotterdam, The Netherlands

€ 3.200 for the four day course, excl. VAT. 
The price includes a hard copy of the course proceedings, 
A digital copy on a USB stick
Lunches and beverages. 

N.B. There is an early bird discount of 10% for applications placed before 31 January 2017.

For registration and administrative inquiries you can contact Louise Michon by e-mail or by phone (, +31 88 86 63350)

For further information on the Resilient Ship Design Course please contact Rogier van der Wal (, + 31 88 8661332).

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