Thursday, 9 June 2016

Attention Expeditionary Forces: Kalashnikov Group to Exhibit Vital Naval / Marine SOF Kit at Eurosatory 2016

Kalashnikov Group (subsidiary company of Rostec State Corporation) - formerly known as "Concern Kalashnikov' and "Izhmash" (Izevsk Machine Plant) before that - will participate in the International Defence Exhibition Eurosatory in north suburban Paris, 13-17 June 2016, stand number 198-C in Hall 6. 

 “Today, despite sanctions*, foreign customers are showing great interest in our products. They are interested both in small arms, and in our new product lines: unmanned aerial vehicles and assault boats for Special Forces units,” Kalashnikov Concern Chief Executive Alexey Krivoruchko said. “That’s why we consider the exhibition held in France and visited by delegates from more than 80 countries, to be one of the most appropriate sites to demonstrate products and hold negotiations with potential customers and business partners.” 

For the first time in its history, the Kalashnikov Group will demonstrate the 3-D virtual exposition of the most advanced present and future integrated combat systems for land, sea and air.

Kalashnikov booth is equipped with a multi-media simulator featuring 3-D models of weapon and other systems. These include: 

  • AIR - Unmanned aerial vehicles manufactured by ZALA AERO GROUP (Kalashnikov subsidiary); 
  • LAND - Small arms under “Kalashnikov” brand; and,
  • SEA - Multi-functional boats designed under the brand of "Rybinsk Shipyard” to be used by specialised agencies in the area of monitoring, surveillance and target designation. 

Each of these has a critical role in successful Maritime / Naval SOF missions.

The multi-media program built into the 3-D simulator will make it possible to demonstrate the technological potential on the screen and immerse viewers in virtual reality. Visitors will have an opportunity to pilot the:

  • BK-family of leading-edge assault boatsBK-10 and BK-16; and,  
  • ZALA-family of unmanned aerial vehicles / UAVs, ZALA 421-16E, ZALA 421-16EM, ZALA 421-08M.

The system allows the end-user can select any type of weather, landscape or environmental conditions. Visitors to Kalashnikov booth will have an opportunity to control the object through the touch panel and display the full range of combat characteristics.

The simulator features the most famous small arms to the most recent combat systems produced by Kalashnikov: 

  • Updated Dragunov sniper rifle (SVDK); 
  • Vityaz-SN submachine gun ; 
  • Upgrade kit for Kalashnikov Assault Rifle; and,
  • Prototype of Lebedev pistol. 

The Kalashnikov Group will moreover feature a 3-D training module for their most advanced models of the civilian weapons, popular with police, MOUT ops, and gendarmes: 

  • Saiga-12 ver.340 - 12-gauge shotgun  perfect for self-defense and practical shooting; and, 
  • Los 7-1 - the advanced carbine featuring a balanced operating system, and the hunting carbine;

* Commentary... The sanctions against Russian state-owned companies and financial institutions are becoming more unpopular across Europe as they are within Russia.  The increasingly out-of-favour sanctions against Russia reverse more than 20 years of progress between Russia and "The West."  

Critics of the sanctions point out that "The West" continues to koutou to Beijing and trade openly and freely with the PRC, while it is aggressively: 
...hegemonic on several fronts (including financial markets); 
...continues its development projects that are environmentally damaging to (irreversible) and stripping of natural assets in Africa, Latin America and the South Pacific (threatening ASEAN member states); 
...maintains brutality in Tibet; and, 
...carries on an ever-widening path of basic human rights abuse from Hong Kong to Harbin. 

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