Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Last Bribery Charges Dismissed

The decision of the Turku Court of Appeal dated 17 February 2016, in which the Court dismissed all charges related to Patria's export project to Croatia, gained legal force and is final as no party applied for permission to appeal against the decision of the Court of Appeal in the Supreme Court within the allowed period. 

In addition, the demand for a punitive corporate fine to be imposed on Patria Land Services Oy was dismissed. "... this case, which has been pending since 2008, has finally been closed and... the outcome meets our expectations," confirmed Heikki Allonen, President and CEO of Patria Group. (photo right)

"A long process, which has been particularly trying for the accused persons, is now over. The process has involved plenty of hard work, both within and outside Patria. Now that the matter has been thoroughly investigated, Patria will continue the long-term development of the defence industry," Allonen confirmed.

Meanwhile, Patria continues to maintain its mission of corporate ethics and social responsibility throughout all aspects of its operations. The company and its executives regularly monitor compliance with ethical standards and the achievement of the related targets. 

Ethical conduct has been assimilated throughout the Patria organisation. "We continue to focus and contribute significant efforts to analysis and prevention of identifiable risks. Patria is Finland's leading defence industry company and also a forerunner in corporate responsibility," assured Allonen. 

Patria's management structure includes an egalitarian Consultative Committee, that include members of parliament, military, local government and employees from various divisions, levels and assembly lines, who play an influential role in guiding Patria in her mission corporate.

Personal OpinionI have been doing business with Finnish companies for nearly two-decades.  Patria is viewed by its competitors and peers as an upright company with a robust ethos and virtuous corporate culture. As a fan of the strong national Finnish character (and not negating that of any other nation), it is heartening to see this company’s precious reputation secured; especially in an era of cynicism and disappointment. - SE

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