Wednesday, 20 April 2016

HSBO ForumWorlds Lagest On-Water Trials of High-Speed Boats

This Spring, from 10 to 12 May 2016,  the HSBO Forum reinforces its position as the world-leading event for professional high-speed boat (HSB) operations. 

More than 35 of the latest and greatest high speed boats will be up for full-speed testing on open sea. This is more than any other conference on the planet offers police, military, naval and paramilitary stakeholders.

More than 300 influential  HSB operators and officials from Police, Military, Special
Forces, Coast Guard, Sea Rescue and experts from 30 countries will be attending HSBO
Forum 10 to 12 May 2016.

"We supported the Forum since its inception for several reasons - among them its keen interest in the sea surface impact on HSB crews health. HSBO Forum participants are selected and qualified in advance by the Forum from a long list of applicants. This event is not open to the general public; rather, it is for serious defence, police and quasi-military professionals," confirmed Stephen Elliott, Co-Publisher of NAVAL FORCES magazine.

Focus sections include the following themes and much more...

Radically New Hull Designs
World renowned Naval Architects will be present at the HSBO. There will also be several boats available for testing new hull designs such as the OK-Hull, PeteStep and Iguana. 

Atlantic Expedition - Reykjavik to Göteborg
Challenging the rough seas of the North Atlantic, Icelandic boat yard Rafnar will be driving their Leiftur 1100 all the 1,261 NM from Reykjavik to
Göteborg (Gothenburg) for the HSBO. This exceptional feat will be covered live through social media.   

Test Drive 35 Different Boats
Boats are coming from all over the world, from Indonesia and the USA, from Iceland and the Middle East. All available for on water tests at HSBO.

Check out all boats here

Cruden RIB Simulator
A 6 DOF full motion RIB-simulator will be set up for testing at the HSBO Exhibition. Developed by Cruden, known for their Formula 1 Simulators, it offers highly a realistic experience for training.  

Crash Course 
Measuring Impacts on Hulls and Humans
May 12-13, 2016
Participants will learn how to do it and get an understanding of the nature of impact exposure, of the functionality of the measurement equipment and of how impact data can be analysed and understood.

For more info about this critically important workshop please contact Wilhelm Forser at +46 701 585 604 or