Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Australian + French = Happiness; Everyone Else - Australia = Sadness

Australian Government selects DCNS for the SEA 1000 Future Submarine Programme

The Australian Government has selected DCNS as its preferred international partner for the design of 12 Future submarines for the Royal Australian Navy.

The announcement was made by the Australian Prime Minister the Hon. Malcolm Turnbull, the Minister for Defence, Senator the Hon. Marise Payne, The Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science, the Hon. Christopher Pyne and The Chief of Navy, Vice Admiral Tim Barrett.

The Australian Government stated: “The decision was driven by DCNS’s ability to best meet all of the Australian Government’s requirements. These included superior sensor performance and stealth characteristics, as well as range and endurance similar to the Collins Class submarine. The Government’s considerations also included cost, schedule, program execution, through-life support and Australian industry involvement.”

“This success has been made possible thanks to the strong teamwork between the French
Authorities, DCNS and our industrial partners,” said DCNS Chairman and CEO, Mr Herve Guillou. “France and Australia have been allies for more than 100 years and we look forward to further strengthening this time honoured relationship and honouring the trust the Australian Commonwealth Government is placing in us for this ground breaking project,” Mr Guillou said.

Subject to discussions on commercial matters, the design of the Future Submarine with DCNS will begin this year (2016).
(From DCNS Press Release)


  1. Good luck to the Australians. They obviously haven't learnt a lesson from their Collins experience. Choosing an unproven design based on French assurances is indeed brave. The first Indian built Scorpene(a proven design)is in its 11th year of build and not all of this delay is due to the Indian shipyard. The Australians must really know their submarining if they are satisfied with the cost, performance, design, capability and schedule for an unproven platform. Wait till the French start factoring in the the lifecycle costing, certification of the product , maintenance costs etc etc .
    development of this project will be interesting to observe.

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