Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Standing-room only at MAST Asia briefing

Yes, it was standing-room only at MAST Asia briefing  in Tokyo this week, with over 120 attendees.  
According to CEO Warren Edge "...interest in Wednesday’s sponsors/VIPs/media briefing in Tokyo for MAST Asia 2017 well exceeded expectations."  

MAST Asia 2015 in Yokohama was the first-ever defence exposition and conference in Japan. MAST Asia repeats this in 2017 despite  Japanese Aerospace Show, autumn 2016.

During the media and industry briefing day in Tokyo, MAST Asia exhibition stand bookings and reservations were taken, and the top level sponsorship is now reserved and will be officially announced soon.

MAST Asia Chairman Professor Satoshi Morimoto (photo, left) the former Defence Minister, and current Advisor to Defence Ministerheaded the list of speakers, and outlined the plans to develop MAST Asia as Japan’s only credible international defence trade show, conference, and most productive networking facilitator.

The MAST Asia post-briefing event was also very well-attended, giving participants a chance to swap stories and insights in relaxed and social environs.  
"This is rather typical of the friendly, collegial atmosphere within the MAST organisation itself," said NAVAL FORCES magazine Co-Publisher Stephen Elliott.

"The NAVAL FORCES magazine team - and its parent the Mönch Publishing Group -  is thrilled to be the named lead media partner supporting MAST Europe 2016 and MAST Asia 2017 because MAST is very much in line with our strategic editorial mission and paradigm of current and future naval defence and maritime security - above, on and below the sea."

Prospective sponsors and exhibitors can sign up now by contacting any of the MAST team (Europe or Japan based). 

Ahead of MAST Asia 2017, attendees to MAST Europe this June will have the opportunity to meet key Japanese government figures in Amsterdam. 
Find out more about MAST Asia 2017

 MAST Europe 2016 – including the complete Amsterdam conference timetable via 


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