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NAVAL FORCES 2016: Missions in Report - Part 1

After 35 years since the launch of NAVAL FORCES, 2016 marks the 60th anniversary of its parent the Mönch Publishing Group – the only family-owned global defence and security-focused publishing house.  

As part of celebrating six-decades (three generations!) of success, Mönch and NAVAL FORCES are making some special efforts in support of key naval defence and maritime security conferences, expositions and symposium.  
 Mönch CEO & Publisher V. Schwitchenberg 

signing agreement with DIMDEX, 
one of several strategic partnerships 
over the decades

Much of Mönch’s success is due to a strong bond with the global Military-Industrial Complex, that NAVAL FORCES has served much better than any publication or publisher of its kind. Personal and professional relationships – the one-to-one human contact and meeting of the minds – and accessibility on all sides is peerless at Mönch. 

Another attribute of its success is due to Mönch’s unshakable determination to provide technical analysis and understanding for its readers.  Hence, this year’s NAVAL FORCES events participation in particular underscores this mission.  Mönch is about more than arms and defence sales.  Mönch dedicates itself to enlightening its professional community of readers with knowledge and information it can use to develop and succeed. 

You will be able to find Mönch and NAVAL FORCES prominently involved in these events around the globe in the first half of 2016, bringing unmatched insight and influence into the decision making chain at all levels of armed forces, government and industry

DIMDEX – Doha; 29-31 March 2016. Hosted and organised by the Qatar Armed Forces, the 5th edition of Doha International Maritime Defence Exhibition & Conference – DIMDEX 2016 will have the first-ever Arabic-English Official DIMDEX Show Daily produced by sister Mönch magazines, AL DEFAIYA and NAVAL FORCES.  Contact NAVAL FORCES for information on how exhibitors can capitalise on this unique marketing tool.  


 S. Elliott esq meets with head of 

Iran's R.G. Navy at DIMDEX
DIMDEX witnesses continuous growth since its founding in 2008.  It has worked hard to become the leading event in the international maritime defence and security calendar. DIMDEX is much more than just an exhibition: the three-day event exclusively hosts the international, strategic Middle East Naval Commanders Conference (MENC), with participants selected from a global array of top naval commanders of visiting warships to Doha, along with elite VIP delegations from the world’s cooperative navies.  
AL DEFAIYA Editor-in-Chief General Ismail Abou Salim 
leads the team at DIMDEX

DIMDEX is a unique opportunity to seize opportunities and a position for current and future naval requirements of the region.  It provides a gateway to the lucrative GCC-states and developing MENA market. NAVAL FORCES experienced first-hand the vast occasion to network with top-level defence decision-makers, such as: senior representatives from the Qatar Armed Forces; foreign VIP delegations; and, industrial leaders from around the world.

IMarEST / INEC – Bristol; 26-28 April 2016. The International Naval Engineering Conference and Exposition (INEC) is the foremost professional event in the naval engineer's calendar and seeks to build on previous successes and expand its international credentials in 2016. This is the second time NAVAL FORCES collaborates with IMarEST to raise increase the promotion of naval engineering and the goals / ambitions of the parent organisation IMarEST in fostering the next generation of naval engineers and development of new technologies.

BALT MILITARY EXPO – Gdańsk; 20-22 June 2016. BME’s partnership with Poland’s General Command of the Branches of Armed Forces Inspectorate for the Navy is critical as the Polish Navy and other armed forces are implementing the Technical Upgrade Plan 2012 and the 2013-2022 Polish Armed Forces Development Programme.  BME’s has close physical and ideological ties to the sea and the coast, focusing on: maritime security, latest defence systems, and SAR.  

Dr S Nitschke, Editor-in-Chief NAVAL FORCES
meets with exhibitors during the NATCON
session breaks
The Polish Armed Forces and National Security Services use this opportunity to examine and scrutinise products and system solutions by developers and manufacturers from around the globe. NAVAL FORCES is encouraged by the deep Polish, NATO and broader international participation in this unique event, attended by the armed forces, civilian / commercial offshore professionals, foreign diplomatic staff based in Warsaw, international military industrial partners, and procurement officers across the maritime-naval spectrum.

NATCON – Gdansk; June 20-22, 2016. This is the Seventh International Tech-Science Conference "Naval Technologies for Defence and Security", hosted by maritime technology development leader OBR CTM SA Maritime Technology Research and Development Centre. We have the pleasure participate in this particular edition of the NATCON International Conference. While still under Communist Party control, NATCON originated in 1987 during a symposium on military maritime technology organised by CTM as a forum to exchange ideas and research about maritime sciences and technologies. This event became NATCON Conference organised by “CTM” and the Polish Naval University’s Institute of Naval Weapons. 

Elliott (left) meets with  Poland's 

Naval Inspectorate Head 
VAdm Richard Demchuk (centre)  
and Marek Buczkowski the Director 
of BME (right)
Traditionally hosted alongside the BALT MILITARY EXPO, the goal of this programme is to foster an international Baltic Sea-based platform to exchange naval defence and maritime security technology through presentations and dialogue between the scientific community, the industry and end-users.  

There are three over-arching themes for the NATCON 2016 main topics

  1. Naval Combat Systems; 
  2. Maritime Security Systems; and, 
  3. Naval Technology Exploitation. 

NOTE: Working closely with CTM, NAVAL FORCES will share many of these findings with its readership throughout the year in its magazine (digital & print) and blog articles (with podcast and video links).  

Dr Nitschke greets MAST G-M. Mr W. Edge 

during a previous MAST
MAST Europe – Amsterdam; 21-23 June 2016. Following on its ground-breaking success having been the first-ever defence expo and symposium in Japan in 2015, MAST comes home to Europe in 2016 before returning to Japan in 2017 at the behest of the Japanese defence ministry and industries.  NAVAL FORCES has been a proponent of MAST in its early years; but, as it is now more than just “another niche expo,” NAVAL FORCES has become an active partner in MAST for the past four years with membership on its technical committee.   

Long-established as the only international conference and trade-show dedicated to senior-level technologists in maritime defence and security, MAST promotes debate among experts from surface, undersea, and air & space domains, giving new perspectives on developments to meet future capabilities.  MAST offers participants unmatched, diverse global profile of participants, delivering solutions for today and tomorrow’s naval problems through lively discussion, discovery and debate. 

Elliott (far left) & Nitschke (second from right) are welcomed 
onto the MAST Steering Committee by Edge (centre) and 
P. Donvin (far right)as proposed by S. West (second from left) 
Atlas UK
Perhaps what is most important from NAVAL FORCES’ perspective is that all papers presented at MAST are exclusive and only available at MAST.  Impressive line-ups of speakers deliver ‘views from the top’ that set the themes for “MAST week.” Plenary speakers offer debate on additional key topical/regional issues. Within the framework, this creates, parallel technical sessions with speakers who have world-leading credentials in their specialist fields – notably, many appear at other conferences as a keynote speaker.

NOTE: NAVAL FORCES will provide insights and additional reports on key presentations from MAST Europe, after the event, throughout the rest of 2016.

This and the following issues of NAVAL FORCES will have exclusive and in-depth coverage of topics and learnings from these events. You are encouraged to keep abreast of these events through your dedicated readership of NAVAL FORCES magazine and its popular blog (, if not through active participation in these worthy events.

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