Wednesday, 13 May 2015

MAST Asia 2015

Cooperation With Japanese Partners Enhances Business Opportunities

YOKOHAMA, 14 May 2015 - UK-based company Drumgrange Ltd. discovered a unique opportunity to team with a partner in Japan - Marubun Corporation - to offer its high-end security products for immediate requirements in the country and in the region. In Yokohama, Drumgrange showcased a fully "marinised" Acoustic Hailing Device (AHD) that was selected for fitment aboard Japan Coast Guard vessels. Seventy-two devices have been delivered to fill in a capability gap. According to the company, the AHD is designed to send hailing and warning messages at ranges of hundreds of metres. NAVAL FORCES learned that this is provided by a combination of adequate power, reduced distortion amplifiers, and focused beams. Drumgrange developed the AHD for intelligible speech at distances up to 1,500m and for siren/alarm tone at distances up to 2,000m both on land and at sea. According to the company, it is a standardised mounting that enables fast deployment in a number of configurations aboard a ship, including tripod and monopole. Two versions are on offer: a single dual horn and a double dual horn. The AHD-5-12Z single dual horn variant shown in Yokohama achieves an effective communication range over loud background noise up to 1,000m, depending on ambient conditions. The device reaches a sound pressure level (peak) of 146dB @ 1m at 1kHz, with a frequency range of 300 to 7.5kHz +/- 3dB. Its larger cousin, the AHD-9-14Z double dual horn achieves 152dB peak @ 1m at 1kHz at a frequency range of 300 to 7.5kHz for +/- 10dB or 400 to 7.5kHz for +/- 3dB. Their flexible mounting allows for integration of auxiliary equipment like a night vision sight, camera or searchlight. The company describes its AHD as the "ideal communicator" for naval applications, commercial security, counter-CBRN, merchant shipping, emergency services, oil and gas platforms, and port and border protection. According to Suzanne Coop, the company's Business Development Manager, marketing the AHD from Japan will provide the company with the ability to reach potential customers in the entire region, including Taiwan.

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