Wednesday, 22 April 2015

MAST Pre-Registrations up 200%

Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force

As the Official Media Partner of MAST Asia, NAVAL FORCES can report that MAST registrations are up 200% on the previous year's census for the popular MAST Eur-Asia in Istanbul. With less than one month until the launch of Japan’s first international defence conference and exhibition (See NAFO issues and blogs passum and recent stories in Japan Times and Bloomberg Asia) pre-registrations are three times that for the same period of the busiest MAST to date (MAST in Stockholm had under 700 pre-registrations, but ended up with almost 2,000 on-site attendees).
Not that the increase in volume has diluted the level of registrations either: With some 80 top level VIPs registered, you can expect to meet:
  • Chiefs of Navy
  • Chiefs of Staff
  • Senior officers (Navy, Army and Airforce)
  • Defence Ministers
  • Ambassadors
  • Attachés from Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Korea, Kuwait, Malaysia, Netherlands, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, UK, USA, and Vietnam
With such an increase in every badge category, e.g. Visitor, Exhibitor, VIP, Guest, anyone seriously considering attending MAST Asia as a delegate to the conference sessions, should sign up now to avoid disappointment.
Register now to attend MAST Asia 2015, Yokohama, 13–15 May

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