Friday, 27 March 2015

Netherlands-based Damen Shipyards Group is the Latest Member of the World Ocean Council

According to World Maritime News, the commercial shipping online news digest, Damen Shipyards (sic) is the "...first European shipbuilder to join the World Ocean Council , the international business leadership alliance on ocean sustainability, science and stewardship." NAVAL FORCES notes that Damen has shipbuilding operations and partnerships around the world.

 “Vessels are a common and fundamental aspect of all ocean industries. Many of the impacts to the marine environment can and must be addressed through improved vessel development and operations. Through the World Ocean Council, Damen can better work with the diverse ocean business community to identify and develop the innovative designs and products needed to tackle these issues – creating business opportunities and business solutions in support of cleaner seas,” explained Damen's Chief Commercial Officer Mr Arnout Damen.

According to source: "Damen’s efforts to reduce environmental impacts of shipping,  have resulted in, for example, an in-house E3 Label, applying only to new Damen designs that are Environmentally friendly, Efficient in operation and Economically viable."

From NAVAL FORCES' perspective, this underscores a growing commitment and trend among defence and commercial shipbuilders, suppliers and other maritime security innovators to voluntarily address environmental concerns despite inaction by national governments, regional extra-governmental organisations and other industries that are allowing damage and destruction of ocean environments, including precious, ancient coral reefs in the pacific, aquatic breeding grounds for fish and other living resources.  

Naval and Maritime companies such as Damen, IMTECH, L3-Valmarine and many others are leading the way for others to improve systems and technologies, allowing naval defence and maritime security forces to conduct  military and policing operations successfully and safely, while leaving the environment undisturbed. 

For at least five years, past issues of NAVAL FORCES have addressed green technologies for blue operations and will continue to monitor and report on this topics as it is relevant for the naval defence and maritime security realm.

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