Tuesday, 10 March 2015

As Iranian Navy Saves Another Cargo Ship from Pirates - What can the U.S. Congress say about the Iranian Spirit of Cooperation and Desire for Regional Stability?

As Israelli leader Benjamin Netanyahu prepares to address the US Congress - and, most assuredly lambaste the Islamic Republic of Iran's nuclear energy programme - According to Iranian Navy sources, the Iranian Navy stopped a protracted pirate attack upon a cargo ship on Sunday, 8 March, while the ship was sailing in the Sea of Oman. Filipino-flagged ship, the Panama-Gade, crew requested assistance from the Iranian Navy’s 33rd flotilla having been approached by an armed group of pirates in motorboats.

source FARS News Agency
While the Iranian naval vessel was en route to relieve the Panama-Gade, the cargo ship avoided boarding while  the pirates pursued the ship for several hours in smaller motorboats. Although not confirmed, often the pirates in this region are sympathetic to, or raise funds for, theocratic extremists - such as ISIL / IS, Al Shabab and others.  The persistence of the pirates could indicate that they were desperate for success or under pressure to succeed at capturing the cargo ship and extort payment for its release.  Some pirates in league with IS have been known to drain oil from tankers to help fund IS war chest.

After Iran's forces rescued the Panama-Gade it was escorted to the safety of Pakistan's territorial waters.

source FARS News Agency
As reported in the January-February issue of NAVAL FORCES magazine, the Iranian Navy (33rd flotilla) has prevailed in several encounters with pirates during its patrols throughout the region, more notably thwarting pirate attacks on two Iranian oil tankers earlier this year.  This underscores the importance and practicality of Iran's military role in regional stability and security and calls into question the rhetoric from "The West" about the country's true ambitions in the region.

Do the actions and support of the Iranian Navy, aiding distressed ships, reflect that of a would-be nuclear power that wants to unleash a radioactive conflagration upon its political or religious opponents?

CEO of ISDEF agrees media partnership with NAVAL FORCES co-Publisher
By the way, NAVAL FORCES magazine is the extremely proud and staunch official International media partner of ISDEF, Israel's premiere defence and security conference and exposition  2-4 June 2015 in Tel Aviv. It has been, and will continue to be, a keen proponent of Israel and the nation's security, existence and self-determination.

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  1. Sad to see you falling for propaganda. Why are these stories never verified by other sources?