Friday, 29 August 2014

USCG Cutter Tampa Takes-Down "The Bad Guys"

The US Coast Guard Cutter Tampa's crew prevented more than 970 kilograms of cocaine from entering the USA. (...and killing or ruining the lives of  millions of people of all walks of life and eroding US society - pub.)  USCG Cutter Tampa stopped, searched and seized a 226-foot Panamanian-flagged freighter ("Memory") in international waters in the Caribbean Sea on 10 August 2014.

USCG Cutter Tampa was on patrol in support of migrant and drug interdiction operations when they intercepted the suspect vessel in international waters. As a result, USCG Cutter Tampa's crew turned over the vessel, the illicit narcotics, and 11 suspected drug traffickers to the Department of Justice.  

USCG Cutter Tampa’s crew thoroughly searched the ship for several days and discovered a hidden compartment aboard the vessel containing cocaine worth an estimated wholesale (i.e. "pure") value of more than $32.4 million. (...the "Street Value" far exceeds this number by at least 10-fold and could probably bail-out or purchase a small third-world nation - pub.)

Cmdr. Clinton S. Carlson, of the Cmdr. Clinton S. Carlson, of the USCG Cutter Tampa declared: “This is a huge win for the crew....A boarding like this takes the concerted effort of all hands in one form or another, and the Tampa's crew did magnificent and ultimately kept these drugs from crossing our borders.”

Source: Press Release, August 28, 2014; Image: USCG/Petty Officer Seth Johnson

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