Thursday, 28 August 2014

Upgrade to Australian Defence Force Navigation Warfare Capability

Minister for Defence David Johnston today announced Government approval of a critical project to upgrade and enhance the protected Global Positioning System (GPS) capability of the Australian Defence Force (ADF). The total value of this project is in the order of A$30 million.

Apparently, GPS-jamming equipment is easier to produce and use in theatre than before now. This allows hostile forces to jam the ADF's mission critical GPS systems, denying access or the ability to find targets in theatre...leading to devastating military and civilian outcomes. Hence, the ADF needs to to counter this increasing threat the ADF needs to modify / upgrade its GPS to prevent jammers from disrupting systems and missions.

The sought after GPS enhancements (FYI: "JP 5408 Phase 3 Platforms Tranche 2" for the boffins among you) will provide protection and redundancy capabilities to counter GPS jammers on a myriad of ADF air, land, sea vehicles. This means that it will need to work with legacy systems in a seamless, affordable and reliable manner. Hopefully, this isn't expecting too much.

Source: Ministry of Defence Australia with commentary from the co-publisher

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