Friday, 4 July 2014

What is NAVAL FORCES Magazine?

What is NAVAL FORCES Magazine?

Is it the world's most trusted, most prolific, most successful, most professional Naval Defence and Maritime Security journal? Yes.
OK, what else? It is a community.
How so?
Nigh on 35 years, our editors, publishers and journalists have been fixtures, friends and sometimes famous personalities at Naval Defence and Maritime Security conferences, expositions, and symposium worldwide. These people reach out, encounter and experience developments, events, innovations and sometimes revolutions in what has become a community of serious defence and security professionals.
NAVAL FORCES magazine's Editor-in-Chief Dr Stefan Nitschke (on left in photo, left) and I discussed this after MAST Eurasia, and UDT Liverpool to some extent and realized that we are responsible for continuing this and taking it further than ever before as an ally, advocate and communicator for the global military-industrial complex.  We need to help the armed forces connect with scientists, innovators, and institutions ensure the freedoms, prosperity and security many of us in "The western world" enjoy and hope to share with the rest of the world.

During DIMDEX IN Qatar, we hosted a dinner inviting key people from about a dozen companies to listen to their concerns and needs in the GCC market.  We will do this again at Euronaval 2014, and perhaps MAST Asia in Yokohama and / or IMDS in St Petersburg.

At UDT in Liverpool, this mission of blending a personal "human spirit" into what we do was underscored when we were invited to a 60th birthday party for Atlas UK's  CTO John Wickenden. (photo, right). Many might know him for his great many contributions to maritime safety, such as with MCM and de-mining. Even those at other companies and research recognise him for his expertise. There are many more professionals like John - and YOU - with whom we hope to meet or continue to engage in lively discussions around the world.

Each conference or exposition we are involved with, we insist on being a meaningful media partner - often the main media partner as we are the only news and analysis organisation willing to fully  "project" the "power" of NAVAL FORCES behind a gathering of the best of the best in the naval dance and maritime  security community...and what that is, and what we foster, is a community.  We'd like to call it the "NAVAL FORCES Community," bringing together concepts, ideas, innovations, people, progress and - almost ironically - peace from conflict.

Dr Nitschke (photo, above) and I invite you to join us in embracing our editorial and even commercial mission as colleagues, partners, friends as the years progress into the fourth decade of NAVAL FORCES. 

Be aware, we are progressive and are actively seeking out you, your ideas, your aspirations. We invite you to engage with us and be a part of the NAVAL FORCES global community.

Using the often-heard phrase of Dr Nitschke when he meets anyone around the world:
- Stephen Elliott esq.
Co-Publisher, NAVAL FORCES

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