Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Better Late than Never - Part 1

ADAS 2014: Day of the Typhoon

MANILA - Wednesday, 16 July 2014 - This should be the opening day of ADAS 2014, Manila's first Asian Defence, Security & Crisis Management Exhibition and Conference, organised by APAC EXPO (under the expert leadership of industry veterans Roger and Andrew Marriott).

Ironically, the first day of this conference & expo was suspended due to a Typhoon (from the Chinese word "tai fun" predictably meaning "Great wind").

Nevertheless, the second day will have extended hours to deliver information and value to delegates and participants, which should put everything back on-track. This event has the support from the top down in the Philippine government, including the heads of the three branches of the armed forces and coast guard, including the heads of civil defence and office for transportation security -  all of whom have much to attend to in the lead up to, during and after the typhoon battering Manila today.  

This high level of support from these critically important branches of is reflected in the conference Programme.  There is a symposium each dedicated to the following "practice areas" of the Philippine Government: Air Power, Army, Navy, Civil Defence, and Transportation Security.

According to managing director Andrew Marriott, "ADAS 2014 is the first focused Defence and Security exhibition and conference to be held in the Philippines for over a decade."

Again, ironically, Marriott adds that: "The introduction of Disaster Management in ADAS 2014 will now be a permanent feature in the ongoing ADAS Series and is both timely and appropriate in view of the appalling damage to life and property following Typhoon Hai Yan." (...earlier this year.)

Marriott concludes that: "With the 15-year Revised Modernisation Programme now in place, it is no coincidence that the Philippine market is now one of the fastest growing defence, security, and disaster relief markets in the region."

Major sponsors include the following:
Platinum Sponsor - KAI Korean Areo Space Industries LTd.
Airbus Defence & Space, Bell Helicopter, 
Saab and Beechcraft - co-sponsors of the Air Power Symposium
IAI - sole sponsor of the Navy Symposium
Digital Globe -sponsor of the Civil Defence Symposium

ADAS has set aside time and space for an Exhibitor Workshops Programme, which allows companies to present worthwhile case studies, expert insights and even launch new products with an explanation of the challenges, requirements and new product / system being offered to the end-user.

Companies planning launches include: 

  • Hale Hamilton (valves)
  • Dynamit Nobel (shoulder launched weapons)
  • Thermoteknix Systems (fused night vision)
  • Avon Protection (SCBA equipment and rebreather systems)
  • Air Bus Defence (geo-intelligence)
  • CZ (Introducing the ground-breaking P-09 pistol to Asia)
  • ECA Robotics (Alister 9 AUV)

From Finland's ABLOY (leading developer & manufacturer of high security locks to Zbrojovka Brno (CZ group-owned making the automatic and semi-automatic BRNO RIFLES), there is A full A-to-Z list of leading defence and security companies, relevant for every branch of the government services attending ADAS. 

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