Friday, 9 May 2014


Bonn / Copenhagen - 09 May 2014 - Naval Team Denmark (NTD) has joined with NAVAL FORCES magazine in an editorial-publishing cooperative partnership.  This non-commercial arrangement provides the ability for NTD and its members to more easily share exclusive information with NAVAL FORCES - and the six other Mönch publications - for more efficient dissemination to the more than 110,000 qualified readers (serious naval defence and maritime security professionals) of NAVAL FORCES worldwide.

Similar to the partnership between Brazil's ABIMDE and TECNOLOGIA MILITAR (another Mönch defence journal), this partnership underscores the importance of strong ties with defence industrial organisations and the professional / trade media that can help bring unique and new innovations to the attention of the global community of Military-Industrial Complexes, especially small to medium sized enterprises - from where most game-changing innovations start. 

"There are some additional benefits beyond editorial cooperation for these defence professional organisations," said NAVAL FORCES Co-Publisher, Stephen Elliott Esq., "However, they will have to  engage with us in a meaningful discussion about this. The publications of the Mönch Publishing Group reflect the professionalism, integrity, longevity and dedication to all defence technologies, strategies and issues - unlike very many in our business arena these days.  As a family-owned and managed defence and security publishing group, spanning three generations, we offer the world a relationship."

The NTD has been under the care and progressive leadership of Kurt Birger Jensen, a retired and highly-decorated Rear Admiral from the Danish Navy, for the past several years.

Originally, Naval Team Denmark was founded in 1992 and subsequently approved by parliamentarian authorities in 1995.The organization works in close cooperation with the Royal Danish Navy and the Danish Defence.

Naval Team Denmark was formed as a response to the international interest caused by the innovative and trend setting Standard Flex modular concept and its application in the fourteen Standard Flex 300 units. In the course of time focus has also been on many other advanced naval systems offered by Naval Team Denmark members, systems that are not directly linked to the application to the Standard Flex concept but have proved competitive and applicable to other types of naval ships. However it is noteworthy, that the modular idea is still reflected in all ships. (See NAVAL FORCES issue III/2014)

Elliott also noted that: "Perhaps as many of 98% of the companies we write about do not advertise with us; however, the 2% that do, benefit exponentially.  this goes for our trade and professional association partners as well - at no cost. Where else in the world can anyone find that loyalty - other than a family dog?"

More information about Naval Team Denmark can be found via Naval Team Denmark's new office is situated in Amaliegade 33 B in the building of Danish Shipowners' Association.

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