Friday, 2 May 2014

NAVAL FORCES and Sister Publication RIVISTA ITALIANA DIFESA Join forces for Maritime Interdiction Operations 2014

GENOA & BONN - 6 May 2014 - NAVAL FORCES, the world's most trusted and largest circulation international Naval Defence and Maritime Security publication, and RIVISTA ITALIANA DIFESA, Italy's best tri-service defence publication, are to join forces as Official Media Partners for TDNUK's Maritime Interdiction Operations 2014

It is no secret that the role of the modern day naval force has changed over recent years to focus on providing international maritime security. This  means that the rules - and precautions - of engagement have changed as well. 

The sharp end of any operation lies with the ability to intercept, dissuade and prevent individuals and organisations who utilise the seas for illegal activities - including dangerous human trafficking of economic migrants.

A new array of  equipment, systems and technologies - and new applications of existing solutions - enter the fray as well.  This requires much debate, discussion, and building of consensus as to what can be executed in which situations to accomplish commonly held missions and goals.

Maritime Interdiction Operations 2014 provides the Navies, Coastguards, Maritime Police, Customs and Border Control with a unique opportunity to gain a clear understanding of future requirements and capabilities for interdiction operations.

According to the organisers, TDNUK, the key focus areas are: 
  • Interception and Boarding
  • Lethality
  • Survivability
  • C4ISTAR & Situational Awareness
  • Air platforms (Fixed & Rotary)
  • Unmanned Systems
  • Launch & Recovery
  • Training & Simulation
Hence, NAVAL FORCES and RIVISTA ITALIANA DIFESA is looking forward to working with TDNUK on the Maritime Interdiction Operations 2014 , which is supported at the highest levels of national and international bodies addressing these unique - yet expanding - operations. 

The conference will be an international hub, bringing together Navies and Coastguards to debate future concepts and analyse equipment requirements.  NAVAL FORCES and RIVISTA ITALIANA DIFESA are pleased to be a part of this conference.

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