Wednesday, 7 May 2014

BALT MILITARY EXPO 2014 Announces Special for Visitors

GDAŃSK, 24-26 June 2014 – BALT MILITARY EXPO offers free of charge entrance for those registering online prior to 31 May 2014  perfect for those defence and security professionals faced with very tight budgets!  Please visit,VISITORS,pid,2201.html to take full advantage of this generous offer. 

The only exposition for the Baltic Region, providing the advantage of being held in close partnership with Poland’s General Command of Branches of Armed Forces Inspectorate for the Navy. Organised since 1998, Balt Military Expo 2014  has the closest ties to the sea and coast. It focuses on maritime safety and security, the latest defence systems, sea and land rescue and is dedicated to the Polish Navy, to other types of armed forces and to the services subject to Poland’s Ministry of Interior.  What better publication than NAVAL FORCES, the world's leading Naval Defence and Maritime Security journal, to be the Balt Military Expo 2014's Official Naval Media Partner?

The Polish Navy and  other armed forces are in the process of implementing the Technical Upgrade Plan Border Guard, Police and State Fire Services. The Polish Armed Forces and National / Homeland Security Services look forward to seeing the products from weaponry, personnel equipment and mechanical manufacturers, providing opportunities for companies in the region and internationally to take part in their upgrade processes.
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Balt Military Expo 2014 provides an excellent chance to see and showcase the latest ground-breaking products and solutions dedicated to armed forces. This is an ideal complementing predecessor to MSPO later in the year held in Poland’s land forces heartland.

Visit the NAVAL FORCES magazine team at Balt Military Expo 2014  and pick up a complementary copy of any one of Mönch Publishing Groups' seven leading defence publications.

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