Thursday, 20 March 2014

MCSWA: Maritime & Coastal Security West Africa

NAVAL FORCES  announces that it has been appointed the Official International Naval Media Partner for MCSWA 2014 in Accra, Ghana - 19-21 November 2914.

Responding to a demand from governments, navies and coastguards in the region, the Maritime & Coastal Security Africa conference moves to West Africa to address increasing problems with piracy, related sea-borne crimes, and maritime security in the very strategically important Gulf of Guinea. 

Looking beyond how the local oil and gas industry, international merchant marine mitigate dangers and risks, MCSWA addresses how individual and joint naval defence force operations can actively interdict advancing and shifting maritime threats.

MCSWA is deemed by many to be the premier platform for the full spectrum of "seafarers" operating along the West African coastline.  It is the event at which the discussion begins on how to collaboratively identify future requirements to counteract sea-borne threats, mapping the future maritime security seascape's parameters, and creating a sustainable, long-term security strategy for safe West African economic and social development. Contact Taryn van Zanten today on - or  visit  

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