Monday, 10 February 2014

Evidence-Based Contact Tracking (E-BaCT) to be presented at MAST

This May, returning MAST exhibitor and conference presenter, MIKEL will present their revolutionary approach to developing the tactical picture; the key information used for command decision making, post mission reporting, safe maneuvering of the platform and effective employment of weapon payloads.

This evidence-based Target Motion Analysis algorithm which is part of MIKEL’s Advanced Contact Management System (ACMS) will be described at MAST and results will be presented that demonstrate performance using actual sonar detection data recorded from U.S. at sea operations.

E-BaCT eliminates the detection, tracking and man machine interactive localisation and TMA processes/system (and resulting subsystems) and replaces it with a much less complex process that develops the tactical picture through the automatic processing of raw sonar beam data, eliminating the need for sonar trackers serving localisation and TMA processes. ACMS featuring E-BaCT will be demonstrated at the MIKEL booth allowing for real time user interaction by interested delegates.  As well as exhibiting, Mikel will present in the COMBAT MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS session on Wednesday 21st May 2014.

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