Monday, 27 January 2014

Sea Griffin: Raytheon's Longer-Range LCS Proposition

A range of small, short-range missile concepts were assessed to be employed by the US Navy’s “Freedom” class LCS. Speaking with NAVAL FORCES on 20 January 2014, Raytheon’s Griffin missile programme staff provided details for the developmental variant of the surface-to-surface missile intended to satisfy the US Navy’s call for a beyond visual range, over the horizon capability. An internally funded venture, the Sea Griffin, will follow the initial missile system, developed in response to an urgent operational requirement. Eying future Griffin sales, the Raytheon team is looking toward growing their programme, directing foreign marketing efforts with guidance from the Department of Defense. The full interview conducted by Joshua T. Cohen of Champlain Analytical Partners, LLC, with Raytheon's Griffin Missile Programme Team will be published in NAVAL FORCES I/2014 in February.

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