Friday, 24 January 2014


TNO has developed a combined programme for their leading courses on resilient design against underwater and above water warfare. Four days of in depth and valuable theory combined with demonstrations and examples of implementation from industry.

This international course is tailored to increase the knowledge base and expertise of:
  • Survivability experts
  • Naval vessel designers
  • Naval ship manufacturing industry professionals
  • Managers of new naval projects
  • Engineers who specify naval equipment and installations
  • Engineers who monitor naval building or upgrade projects
  • Technical procurement officers
  • Classification society professionals

Participants will learn the basics of designing against modern above-water and underwater threats in a cost- and mass-effective way.

The course is specifically focused on early design stages during which crucial decisions must be made within short periods of time.

Participants will learn the principles of ship survivability, so that they are able to design, communicate with specialists, or judge an underwater shock problem or above-water threat.

The knowledge gained from this course can also be applied to upgrade ships for new threats.

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