Friday, 24 January 2014

12th International Naval Engineering Conference and Exhibition

Innovative solutions to global trends

Tuesday 20 – Thursday 22 May 2014 Marine Establishment Amsterdam, the Netherlands

In the current economic climate, it is often difficult to predict future trends in seagoing operations. Hence, INEC 2014 aims to examine the challenge to design innovative naval engineering solutions to fulfil a myriad of expanding multi-role requirements for ships and submarines. 

The INEC 2014 Sessions will provide answers to key questions and follow the conference themes which most affect the maritime operating environment and require the best that our engineers and industry can provide whilst, of course, remaining within tight financial constraints. 

INEC attracts over 300 expert participants. Government attendance is typically drawn from navies and naval procurement officials from over 15 countries, at all levels between Lieutenant and Vice Admiral.  Commercial attendance has included a range of companies including prime contractors to SMEs from over 20 countries.

Subscribers to Naval Forces magazine are welcome to register for INEC at the Marine Partner rate.   For further information and to register, visit: *QuoteNaval Forces

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