Friday, 31 January 2014

New Delhi, Tokyo Form Closer Ties

The visit of Japan's Defence Minister Itsunori Onodera to India on 6 January 2014 signals greater bilateral defence cooperation between the two nations. As New Delhi is taking significant steps to expand its footprint in the region, its long-term Maritime Capabilities Perspective Plan 2022 (MCPP-2022) stresses the requirement for improved sustainability at sea, in particular sea-lift, surveillance, expeditionary power projection, and stand-off strike, to support the fleet’s emerging ‘blue-water’ requirement. Based on this requirement, the naval staff embarks on an aggressive building programme to include the purchase of the ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd. US-2 large STOL amphibious aircraft. It is the world’s only amphibious aircraft capable of open-sea landing and take-off in rough sea conditions, up to Sea State 5, according to the manufacturer. The newer variant, US-2, is primarily designed for air-sea rescue missions, replacing the earlier ShinMaywa US-1 airplane.
For ShinMaywa, the Indian market received top priority in recent years. The company is already a supplier of equipment to Indian customers. Having responded to the Indian Navy’s Request for Information (RfI) for the amphibious aircraft, ShinMaywa now offers a stripped-down civilian version of the airplane, optimised for the Indian Navy’s mission assignment. The “central role” of the airplane would be long-range search and rescue and EEZ surveillance. But it can also be equipped to support naval ships during their long-range missions across the Indian Ocean, countering rival Chinese interests in the region. Also, the aircraft can conduct anti-piracy missions, remote island support, and constabulary operations like fishery protection, prevention of toxic dumping at sea, illegal human trafficking, and smuggling of weapons and drugs. The unique capabilities of the US-2 can also be utilised by the Indian Army and Indian Air Force when operating in high-altitude areas, for example for river/lake and HADR (Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Relief) operations and for medical evacuation of personnel and supplies from remote areas, according to ShinMaywa.
The possible US-2 deal could be a consequence of the meeting between Indian and Japanese officials in Tokyo in May 2013, during which the two sides decided to establish a Joint Working Group to explore cooperation. This may include assembling under licence by an Indian state manufacturer.
As to very recent announcements by officials in Tokyo, Japan has long regarded India as a powerful counterweight to Beijing’s strategic rise. According to them, a deal with ShinMaywa “could lay the foundation for a broader Japanese thrust into India.” India ranks among the biggest arms markets in the world. It was previously dominated by Russia, but now New Delhi is increasingly buying military hardware from Israel and the United States. According to Kanji Ishimaru, Managing Director of ShinMaywa Industries India Pvt Ltd., the company’s long-term aim is not just establish a typical ‘buyer-seller’ relationship with India by selling state-of-the-art products. Instead, the US-2, as a tried-and-tested amphibious aircraft, is seen as a cornerstone for the intensification of R&D and manufacturing work shared between the two nations.
New Delhi said it would be likely to buy at least 15 aircraft, costing a total of US$1.65Bn. This deal also comes with the adoption of closer ties between New Delhi and Tokyo, with both nations wanting to lay the foundation of a large “supra-regional” economic trade zone also including the United States and other Asian economic powers, eventually countering Chinese plans to build own new “strategic partnerships” and access to new strategic resources in Asia and on the African continent.

Monday, 27 January 2014

Sea Griffin: Raytheon's Longer-Range LCS Proposition

A range of small, short-range missile concepts were assessed to be employed by the US Navy’s “Freedom” class LCS. Speaking with NAVAL FORCES on 20 January 2014, Raytheon’s Griffin missile programme staff provided details for the developmental variant of the surface-to-surface missile intended to satisfy the US Navy’s call for a beyond visual range, over the horizon capability. An internally funded venture, the Sea Griffin, will follow the initial missile system, developed in response to an urgent operational requirement. Eying future Griffin sales, the Raytheon team is looking toward growing their programme, directing foreign marketing efforts with guidance from the Department of Defense. The full interview conducted by Joshua T. Cohen of Champlain Analytical Partners, LLC, with Raytheon's Griffin Missile Programme Team will be published in NAVAL FORCES I/2014 in February.

UPDATE: Most Important Naval Exhibition in Baltic Region

 The Balt Military Expo Confirms Increased Participation by Companies and Official Delegations

Among the major registered exposition companies for the Balt Military Expo Atlas Elektronik, DCNS, DSIT, Kongsberg, Rolls-Royce, SAAB, Thales, ThyssenKrupp, and all important Polish shipyards have confirmed their participation.

The Polish MOD has officially invited 30 countries to visit BME, including those nations as far away as India and Singapore.  There will be national pavilions from the UK, France and Poland - and more are expected to register. 

According to the conference organisers: "...We will organise huge presentations on the sea including all army, rescue and security services - more than 4000 people wached these demonstrations in 2012 - it will be organised in Gdynia harbour once again."

NAVAL FORCES was told that during "BME" the organisers will host the VI edition of NATCON - we expect that it will be even more imprtant conference than it was in 2012.  Please visit for more information.

As an added value - and related to the increasing multi-role nature of todays's navies, RESCUE EXPO The International Exhibition and Conference of Medical Rescue will take place during BME.

After reading Dr Gogolewska's exclusive analysis on "Dialogues" with Poland's armed forces, the following link might be of interest regarding the Polish Navy's modernisation programme.,__A_CONCEPT_OF_DEVELOPMENT_OF_THE_NAVY_OF_THE_REPUBLIC_OF_POLAND_,pid,1889.html

Friday, 24 January 2014


TNO has developed a combined programme for their leading courses on resilient design against underwater and above water warfare. Four days of in depth and valuable theory combined with demonstrations and examples of implementation from industry.

This international course is tailored to increase the knowledge base and expertise of:
  • Survivability experts
  • Naval vessel designers
  • Naval ship manufacturing industry professionals
  • Managers of new naval projects
  • Engineers who specify naval equipment and installations
  • Engineers who monitor naval building or upgrade projects
  • Technical procurement officers
  • Classification society professionals

Participants will learn the basics of designing against modern above-water and underwater threats in a cost- and mass-effective way.

The course is specifically focused on early design stages during which crucial decisions must be made within short periods of time.

Participants will learn the principles of ship survivability, so that they are able to design, communicate with specialists, or judge an underwater shock problem or above-water threat.

The knowledge gained from this course can also be applied to upgrade ships for new threats.

More information can be found on


ISTANBUL (…Not Constantinople)

Recently the MAST 2014 Steering Committee met to finalise plans for its annual conference in Istanbul. Welcome remarks were made by Conference Chairman RAdm. (ret) Savas Onur, well-known and respected internationally.
Highlight of the May event’s structure include an Opening & Keynote Session,“Optimising Maritime Operations,” that includes participation at the Highest Levels of the Turkish Navy.  
Coincidentally, NAVAL FORCES Magazine has been selected by the Turkish Navy to produce an OFFICIAL Special Issue dedicated and focused entirely on the Turkish Navy.  This Special Issue will have full global circulation to NAVAL FORCES’ subscribers and 2000 copies have been advance-ordered by the Navy itself. (contact Jan Wiedemann for more details)
The proposed Plenary Session Panel discussion will be “Future Global Challenges for Navies,” featuring selected visiting International Navy VIPs.
Although the full list of topics can be found on the MAST web site - - here is a sample of the compelling topics throughout the symposium that include, but not limited to:
  • An Inertial Technology Based Rapid Static Alignment Method for Sensors and Weapons On-board Naval Vessels
  • A New Compact, Cost-Effective Marine Inertial Navigation System Solution for Surface Vessels
  • A Piracy Incident Reporting System for Improved Maritime Security in The Gulf Of Guinea
  • Evidence Based Target Motion Analysis: A New Paradigm for the Design of Combat Systems
  • Software Solutions for Expeditionary MCM
  • Long Endurance Marine Unmanned Surface Vehicles
  • Efficient HF Submarine Antennas
  • AQUO European Collaborative Project Mitigation Measures for Underwater Noise Shipping Noise Footprint and Impact On Marine Life
  • Legal Considerations for Securing Offshore Installations
  • Hydrodynamics of Super-Cavitating Vehicles Research of Possibilities for Decrease of Gravity Influence
  • A New Manufacturing Process that Utilises Adhesive to Permanently Attach Fasteners to Structure
  • A Review of Probability of Detection Models for Camouflage Assessment in the Maritime Environment
  • Coordinated Operation Capability Using Scalable C2
  • Benefits Gained Using New Maintenance Concepts and International Logistics Standards.
  • Multi-Link Processors and Integration Architectures
  • Africa Offshore Maritime Security on Both Sides of the Continent
  • Dutch National Technology Project Holon
  • Quality of AIS Services for Wide-Area Maritime Surveillance
  • Mechanical Drive Gas Turbine
  • MQ-4C Triton Maritime Security
  • Multi-Sensor Situation Awareness Adapted to Small Targets Greatly Manoeuvring
  • CBRN Detection in the Maritime Theatre
  • Coastal Security System for Critical Infrastructure
  • Modular Lightweight Acoustic-Electromagnetic Minesweeping - Towed by ASV
  • Study on Bubble Behaviour in Underwater Explosion
  • Coastal Situational Awareness
  • Composite technology in Naval Ship Applications
  • Using Serious Game Technology to Improve Navy Crew Training
  • Naval Architectural Aspects of Naval Auxiliary Support Ships, Capable of Underway Replenishment
  • Next Generation Sensor-to-Shooter Solution against the Naval Mine Threat
  • Challenges Upgrading Glass/Steel Periscope Capabilities with Modern Optronic Masts on Existing Submarines
  • Life Cycle Cost Reduction, Optimisation Consideration
Please note: the first-ever MAST Asia will take place next year in Japan…a rather curious and yet expected development.  Taking place at the Pacifico Yokohama, 13 -15 May 2015, the venue is a modern facility directly in the bay of Yokohama and is quickly accessed from the US 7th Fleet and Japanese Navy bases in Yokosuka and Tokyo.
Endorsement of the event has been officially given by:
  • Japan Maritime Self Defence Force;
  • Technical Research and Development Institute of Ministry of Defence;
  • Japan Coast Guard; and, the
  • Defence Technology Foundation
MAST Asia 2015 will be the first international naval event to take place in Japan, underscoring recent geo-political concerns in the region and the important role Japan and its industry plays in national defence and regional security.  There are numerous international organisations with offices / facilities in Japan that are expected to participate and exhibit.

12th International Naval Engineering Conference and Exhibition

Innovative solutions to global trends

Tuesday 20 – Thursday 22 May 2014 Marine Establishment Amsterdam, the Netherlands

In the current economic climate, it is often difficult to predict future trends in seagoing operations. Hence, INEC 2014 aims to examine the challenge to design innovative naval engineering solutions to fulfil a myriad of expanding multi-role requirements for ships and submarines. 

The INEC 2014 Sessions will provide answers to key questions and follow the conference themes which most affect the maritime operating environment and require the best that our engineers and industry can provide whilst, of course, remaining within tight financial constraints. 

INEC attracts over 300 expert participants. Government attendance is typically drawn from navies and naval procurement officials from over 15 countries, at all levels between Lieutenant and Vice Admiral.  Commercial attendance has included a range of companies including prime contractors to SMEs from over 20 countries.

Subscribers to Naval Forces magazine are welcome to register for INEC at the Marine Partner rate.   For further information and to register, visit: *QuoteNaval Forces

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Euronaval Celebrates its 23rd Edition

...confirming its position as the world’s longest running exposition and symposium in the naval defence and maritime security arena. 

More than a promoter of innovations from France, Euronaval is a world-class event that sets a standard for all other naval conferences and exhibition to follow.

More than 30,000 maritime professionals visited Euronaval in 2012 from 115 countries; not including official delegations.  Interest in this exhibition of reference has shown significant increase. Russia recorded the highest foreign participation, followed by Italy, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Large and mid-sized companies scored for 68 per cent of participation, and small to medium enterprises accounted for 32 per cent.

The 2012 exhibition was marked by two important features: 1) the presence of very high-level foreign delegations with strong decision-making roles in their countries’ acquisition programmes; and, 2) the significant increase in the number of official delegations, affirming the global importance of, and interest in, this significant naval event.

Euronaval should prove itself once again to be an international Naval Defence and Maritime Safety and Security venue capable of bringing together decision-makers, prime contractors, primary suppliers, buyers and suppliers from around the world. This event similarly shows that the naval defence sector is fiscally healthy on an international scale, despite the difficult economic climate in Europe and the Americas.

The French naval and maritime industry association GICAN is the organiser and host of this auspicious bi-annual event. The Association’s 175 members cover every aspect of the French naval and maritime industry, including: prime contractors, system integrators, equipment manufacturers, and smaller specialist companies. GICAN members build and maintain vessels of all types and displacements for navies, coast guards and commercial operations.  GICAN members generate € 6 billion aggregate revenue and maintain 40,000 jobs.

Supported by the French Ministry of Defence, the French defence procurement agency (DGA), the Navy, the Secretary-General for the Sea, and – if that wasn’t enough - the Directorate of Maritime Affairs (part of the Ministry for Ecology, Energy, Sustainable Development & the Sea), GICAN works to ensure the industry’s strategic positioning on the European stage and win international recognition for its advanced capabilities, specialities and technologies.

For more information or to visit Euronaval please follow this link:  To exhibit, please call +31 1 56 59 15 or send an email to Mr Jocelyn de Vriel  or Mrs Julie Boozer 

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Doha is the Place. DIMDEX is the Event. “Fresh” is the Approach

…And Floor Space is Becoming Scarce.

The Qatar Coastguard announced their participation and support for DIMDEX as organisers report that the exhibition space is over 90 per cent “booked.” 

DIMDEX organisers and Clarion Middle East, promise that it is to be the largest and most influential DIMDEX yet. It will feature more VIP delegations than in 2012, with personalised VIP / Delegation tours of the exhibition floor to ensure that all exhibitors have a fair and equal opportunity with these critically important prospective customers. 

This is the first time that this has been offered at DIMDEX, while an exclusive VIP delegation lounge will be at centre of the exhibition, featuring NAVAL FORCES and AL DEFAIYA magazines. (To learn more about these publications, please visit
NAVAL FORCES, AL DEFAIYA and MILITARY TECHNOLOGY magazines form the Mönch Publishing Group will be supporting DIMDEX as a the Official International Naval Media Partner.  NAVAL FORCES remains today as the world’s largest, most prolific and respected global Naval Defence and Maritime Security journal. 

Complementing the well-established Middle East Naval Commanders Conference (MENC) at the foundation of DIMDEX, there will be novel conference content supporting new technology and exhibitor categories, including through-life support, littoral protection, unmanned systems and maritime domain awareness.  

This increased amount of conference content and fresh focus areas has been added to support the new exhibitor categories or enhancements:
1. Training & Simulation (T&S) - this remains a high priority in the MENA region (see past issues of NAVAL FORCES, MILTECH and AL DEFAIYA). There is greater investment in “T&S” in MENA as part of force modernisation programmes.  This provides exhibitors with the opportunity to connect with visiting military representatives regarding training equipment, programmes, and Systems.
2. Naval & Maritime Aviation – indoor and outdoor displays will include both rotary (as in 2012) and fixed wing (new) aircraft.  Onboard and non-naval operations ashore provide a unique view into assets, capabilities and roles in this dynamic region.  The extensive warship display at Doha Commercial Port is always an exciting and popular component of DIMDEX and for 2014 a brand new outside display area at the Qatar National Convention Centre is being introduced.
3. Unmanned Systems – especially UAVs – will take centre stage as means for roles that span from reconnaissance to monitoring the security of critical infrastructures off-shore. (see for MILTECH’s annual Unmanned Systems Special Issue for 2014).
4. Critical Infrastructure Protection – as UAVs and UUVs are part of economic security in the region, DIMDEX will dedicate a specific focus on the protection of critical infrastructures, on- and offshore.
Fostering increased networking opportunities, DIMDEX premieres a special business benefit: The NEW Exhibitor Lounge.  This allows greater interaction and opportunities to develop business between prime contractors, technology manufacturers and SMEs in a relaxed and refreshing environment.  According to DIMDEX Organisers, this event provides peerless access to a wide spectrum of current and prospective customers in MENA / GCC.  Visit to reserve your space and learn more about why you should exhibit or attend.

Looking beyond just the vessels that contribute to the region’s naval defence, maritime security and economic stability, AL DEFAIYA and NAVAL FORCES support DIMDEX by also examining procurement plans and other relevant topics that complement the MENC and DIMDEX focus areas. 

Along with the print and digital versions of these world-leading magazines, the NAVAL FORCES Blog will be acting as an online Show Daily, covering the DIMDEX  and MENC before, during and after the event. There are special opportunities for exhibitors in the publication, contact Co-Publisher Stephen Elliott Esq. on