Monday, 18 November 2013

Skeldar UAS Operationally Deployed by the Spanish Navy

Defence and security company Saab’s Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Skeldar is now operationally deployed on-board the offshore patrol vessel BAM Meteoro. Skedlar is supporting the Spanish Navy with surveillance capabilities while taking part in the EU Atalanta Operation in the Gulf of Aden.

Earlier this year, Saab announced a contract to deploy the Skeldar Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) for maritime operations. Skeldar is now operationally deployed on-board the Spanish Navy’s offshore patrol vessel BAM Meteoro.

“That Skeldar UAS is now operational with the customer is a further proof of the system’s air worthiness and operational reliability,” said Mikael Franzén, Director of Saab’s Product Area Tactial UAS exclusively to NAVAL FORCES.  “It’s also an important milestone for the on-going development of Skeldar whereby we continuously improve the system with the integration of new sensors and different payload according to individual customers’ needs. Since signing the contract we are really seeing a growing interest for Skeldar on many markets. The system recently passed a number of important flight test milestones, such as fully autonomous flights in day and night conditions, EO/IR sensor utilisation, precision landing and long range missions.”

Prior to the Atalanta deployment successful integration trials were conducted on-board the BAM Relámpago in the waters outside the Canary Islands. Skeldar is a rotary wing, short to medium range UAV that can be controlled from a tailored control station. It can be equipped with a wide range of payloads, including surveillance, reconnaissance, target acquisition and 3D mapping. The system can be used for both civil and military purposes.

“The Skeldar UAS is operated together with a manned helicopter to enhance the vessel’s surveillance capabilities during its mission to fight piracy as part of the EU Atalanta operation in the Gulf of Aden…more potential customers are discovering Skeldar’s unique strengths and features, including air worthiness, heavy fuel engine, high performance and operational capability,” concluded Mikael Franzén.

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