Friday, 8 November 2013


Gone ashore.  

After the publishing of NAVAL FORCES VI/2013, Ted Hooton will retire. 
Ted has been a member of the NAVAL FORCES crew almost since its launch in 1980, contributing in one capacity or another.  Any one of us would have to exert some considerable energy to find someone who does not know and respect Ted. Many at Mönch Verlag and NAVAL FORCES have served with Ted far longer than I have. However, any time on “the watch” with Ted is enjoyable, insightful and a learning experience that is beneficial to those on deck with him.

It was at a press conference in 2008, when I first met Ted Hooton.  I was working in the UK defence industry and he was covering our press conference for MILITARY TECHNOLOGY. Ted started off the event by asking our MD a very uncomfortable – but fair – question. It was then, that I realised he is far from being your average bookish British journalist.

Ted is not one to shy away from difficult issues, nor known to avoid probing deep into matters to learn why something was of critical importance, developed, or happened.  Often, this requires as much bravery as it does intelligence and tact – all qualities that Ted possesses. 

An intense analytical curiosity, steadfast loyalty to our readers and dry sense of humour make Ted such a brilliant colleague and excellent journalist.  Aside from working with Mönch Verlag, he published the Spyglass electronic newsletter and has written no less than half-a-dozen military history books.  Many professionals in the press and industry consider him a friend.

Director of Communication at Terma A/S, Kasper Rasmussen, said this of Ted: "Ted Hooton was among the first defense reporters I was presented to as brand new within the defense industry 15 years ago. Since then I have never missed an opportunity to meet with Ted at airshows and events. His dedicated professional approach, the enormous in-depth knowledge about defense matters and history combined with a unique sense of humor has been a valuable source of Inspiration."

We will all miss his unique critiques, reports and companionship.  Maybe, we can entice him to venture out  to write for us occasionally.
We hope so…
Stephen Elliott,
Co-Publisher, NAVAL FORCES

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