Friday, 25 October 2013

Marine Week 2013

The Naval & Defence exhibition, part of the biennial Marine Week 2013 in Busan (South Korea), seeks to attract the interest of a worldwide growing audience of maritime and naval experts. Held at the Busan Exhibition & Convention Center (BEXCO) and organised by Seoul-based Kyungyon Exhibition Corporation, Naval & Defence covers an array of  sectors, including naval shipbuilding, machinery and marine equipment, weapon and control systems, radars, sonars, navigation equipment, communications system, naval aviation, and simulation & training Systems. More than 51,000 visitors came to Marine Week 2011 to inform themselves on the latest trends and innovations.
Stephen Elliott Esq., Marketing Director and designated Co-Publisher of NAVAL FORCES spoke with the President of Kyungyon Exhibition Corporation, Mr. Kim Young-Su, about the main focus of Marine Week. Kyungyon Exhibition Corporation has been one of the pioneers in organizing and managing exhibitions and conferences in South Korea and has been successfully operating in this field since 1979.

NAVAL FORCES: How many domestic and foreign naval defence vessels are at Marine Week?
Kim-Young-Su: The Marine Week is comprised of three exhibitions, Naval & Defence 2013, Sea-Port 2013 & Kormarine 2013. During the Naval & Defence 2013, five naval ships of the Korean Navy (including the LPH "Dokdo") will be revealed to the public in the Republic of Korea Navy Operational Command in Busan. How many foreign naval defence vessels will be at the exhibition is yet to be confirmed. For delegations visiting Korea, the Korean Navy is planning a marine action drill of small battleships built in Korea.
NAVAL FORCES: Which countries’ Navies are represented with delegations at the exposition?
Kim-Young-Su: In 2011, 40 people from 17 countries made a visit to Korea. This year, 50 people from 20 countries are expected. Below is the list of countries confirmed to be at Marine Week:
Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines, Turkey, Singapore, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, China, Thailand, Qatar, Bahrain, the UAE, Peru, Chile, Colombia and Egypt.

NAVAL FORCES: How does Marine Week support Korea’s mission for regional stability in increased international cooperation?
Kim-Young-Su: The Naval & Defence 2013 will serve as a forum to showcase how the Korean Naval Forces are contributing to world peace and their future orientations. By presenting the Navy’s activities for peace and development of the Northeast Asian region in a place where Navies from many countries are invited, this exhibition will contribute to ensuring that the region is kept in a stable condition based on mutual trust among these countries.

NAVAL FORCES: Marine Week is important for the Korean naval industry many reasons; how can non-Korean suppliers to the Korean Navy benefit from participation?
Kim-Young-Su: Korea is one of the leaders in the global shipbuilding industry, having the greatest share in the world market. Since the late 1990s, the nation has developed its own destroyers, large transport ships, AEGIS destroyers, and 209 and 214 classes submarines. More recently, it has won contracts with many countries based on its capabilities to specifically satisfy each country’s requirements. That is why Korea is emerging as a powerhouse in exporting naval defence-related products.
In Korea’s defence-related exports, the share of vessels was as small as 0.1 percent in 2008. But it has increased significantly, 11.8 percent in 2009, 30.8 percent in 2010 and 45.4 percent in 2011, having the greatest importance since 2010.
Major players in Korea’s shipbuilding and defence industries will exhibit in Marine Week. Companies that will have their own booth in the Naval & Defence 2013 include DSME that is an exporter of newly developed vessels and a manufacturer of submarines, LIG NEX1 that is a maker of high-tech torpedoes and guided missiles, and Samsung Thales that is a developer of battleship combat systems. The Agency for Defense Development, a developer of cutting-edge technology for weapon systems, will also participate in this show. Therefore, the Naval & Defence 2013 will offer good opportunities to those that are seeking for advancing into Korea’s defence markets and companies that are looking for partnerships with Korean companies for interstate exports.
In addition, participants in the Naval & Defence 2013 will have opportunities to take part in business meetings with delegates from 20 countries, attract them to their booths, have a closer look at battleships, watch a marine action drill and attend an on-board reception held by the Chief of Navy Operations. This will be a golden chance for companies that intend to strengthen their presence in the Korean market and overseas markets.

NAVAL FORCES: How many foreign naval defence and maritime security exhibitors are participating in Marine Week?Kim-Young-Su: In the last Marine Week, 1,258 companies (634 overseas companies) from 43 countries participated. This year, 1,300 companies from 45 countries are expected.

In 2011 the tradeshow Marine Week - Kormarine, Naval & Defence, Sea-Port - The International Shipbuilding, Marine Equipment and Defence Exhibition served as a presentation platform for 638 exhibitors. These tradeshow exhibitors presented their companies and services on a total of 16794 sqm at Marine Week - Kormarine, Naval & Defence, Sea-Port.

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