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Special Technical Equipment - Innovations at International Exhibition of Means of State Security Provision

17th International Exhibition of Means of State Security Provision INTERPOLITEX- 2013 will be held in the territory of the main Russian exhibition grounds: All-Russia Exhibition Centre (VVC, Moscow) from 22 to 25 October 2013.


The exhibition is organized by the Russian Federation Ministry of the Interior, Federal Security Service and Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation. Exhibition operator is Exhibition Companies Group “BIZON”.
At present INTERPOLITEX- 2013 is the central event of Federal significance in the Network of Safety and Security Exhibitions held in Russia and CIS.

Specifically synergistic complex of exhibition, business and live demonstration programs of the exhibition ensures its success with exhibitors, guests and visitors. This year more than 440 companies will take part in the exhibition, including 78 foreign companies from 25 countries including Austria, Republic of Belarus, Germany, Denmark, Israel, India, Italy, Spain, Canada, China, the Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, UAE, USA, Turkey, Ukraine, France, Croatia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Japan, Kazakhstan, Republic of South Africa.

At the exhibition four countries will demonstrate production of their manufacturing companies within the framework of their National Pavilions and expositions.
One can observe the increase of space in the French National pavilion – France has the status of the Partner Country of Interpolitex 2013. The French National Pavilion organized by GICAT - French Land Defence and Security Manufacturers Association, - will include about 10 companies including RENAULT TRUCKS DEFENSE, ACMAT DEFENSE, PANHARD DEFENSE AND SECURITY, COGES-Eurosatory 2014, GICAT, ACOEM01 DB METRAVIB, BERTIN TECHNOLOGIES, GK-Professional, Noble Sport, Proengin and some others. Stands of the French exhibitors will  take more than 160 sq. m. of exhibition space.

Within the framework of Chinese National Pavilion Chinese manufacturing firms and companies will demonstrate their developments in the field of special vehicles, armored protection, police equipment etc. Republic of South Africa will also take part in the Interpolitex 2013 with its National Exposition organized by TRADE and INVESTMENT KWAZULU-NATAL company. In the Republic of South Africa National Pavilion, organized with the financial support of South African Department of Trade and Industry will participate 7 companies. Several companies from Kazakhstan will also participate within the framework of the integrated exposition.

Total indoor exhibition space located in all 3 halls of Pavilion № 75 is equal to 25,500 sq.m. The exhibition presents the well adjusted combination of several integrated exhibitions and specialized expositions including International Exhibition of Police Systems and Equipment, Military Technical Salon, Exhibition of Technical Systems and Facilities for Border Protection and SecurityGranitsa”, which celebrates its 15 year anniversary and Exhibition of Unmanned Multipurpose Vehicle Systems UVS-TECH 2013.

Among exhibitors one can see such large and well known companies as State Corporation “Rostech, Concern “Vega”, Association “Eleron”, Scientific and Production Complex “Dedal”, Association “RELERO”, Research Centre “Fugas”, companies “Horizont” and “Zala Aero”, Groups of Companies “GAZ”, “KAMAZ”, “StilSoft” and othesr.

This year the exhibition includes a new programme of promotion of innovative developments and ideas. More than 110 exhibitors introduced in the Exhibition Catalogue their innovative solutions. One can see here new samples of weapons, armoured vehicles, multifunctional robotic systems, unmanned flying vehicles and boats, protection suits and search and screening equipment, et cetera.

For example, Centre of Speech Technologies will present Complex Biometric Platform VOICE KEY; Research and Production Firm “Micran” – equipment for communication with UFV, Companies Group; “RK-Telekom" – mobile communication centre for The Ministry of Russian Federation for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters.

A broad and extensive business program will be presented to the participants and guests of the exhibition: 7 conferences, 6 round tables, 5 workshops and 8 presentations, which are devoted to most urgent problems of the Russian state and its citizens. About 70 speakers will make their reports and presentations for more than 1500 listeners.

One of the most interesting events held within the exhibition Business Programme is Research to Practice Conference "Prospects of Developing of New Items of Armaments and Special Equipment of New Generation", organized by Federal Scientific-Production Association “Special Equipment and Communications” of  the Russian Federation Ministry of the Interior. Six sections of the Conference will be devoted to issues of future development of special purpose transport and search and screening equipment, special nonlethal weapons and systems, systems of communications, technical systems of security and protection, data security et cetera.

Participants of 9th International Research-to-Practice Conference “Industrial Disposal of Armament, Military and Special Equipment and Munitions AMSEM -2013” will discuss pressing issues of disposal and utilization of retirement items of ammunition. The event is organized by the Russian Academy of Rocket and Artillery Sciences (RARAS) with strong support of RF Governmental Military Industrial Commission.

7th International Specialized Conference "Technologies of Unmanned Flying Systems - UVS 2013" will be held during the first day of the exhibition work.

More than 50 exhibitors presented their products within the framework of the «National Security» Contest. The winners of the contest are awarded with the «Quality and Security Guarantee» Gold Medal and with the Diploma of Laureate of the Contest.

As usual, live demonstration of technical, operational and combat capabilities of armaments, police and military technical equipment and special tactical training exercises of Special Forces units of Russian Federation Ministry of the Interior will take place on 26 of October on the special testing and shooting range of the Federal State Enterprise “Geodesia” in the town of Krasnoarmeysk, Moscow Region. This year the show program will somewhat differ from the last year one. Combat capabilities of small arms will demonstrate not only soldiers of Special Forces units of Russian Federation Ministry of the Interior but also specialists from the profile industrial enterprises.

Representatives of the companies-manufacturers will demonstrate running and technical capabilities of special purpose vehicle. For example, ZEM Ltd. company will show Mobile Robotic Complex for Aerial Observation «BLASKOR» consisting of helicopter type UAV equipped with HD camera and thermal imaging device; Corporation “Zaschita” (Protection) – three armoured vehicles for various applications and Science and Production Enterprise “Soliton” will demonstrate special purpose vehicles “Ratibor” and “Volkodav”.

More detailed information about 17th International Exhibition of Means of State Security Provision INTERPOLITEX- 2013 is available on the official exhibition site

The exhibition will take place within the popular All-Russian Exhibition Centre, Pavilion 75 (Moscow) daily from 22 to 24 October from 10.00 to 18.00 hours, and 25 October – from 10.00 to 16.00 hours.

The live demonstration programme will be held on the special testing and shooting range of the Federal State Enterprise “Geodesia” in the town of Krasnoarmeysk, Moscow.
This exclusive report has been made through courtesy of, and partnership with, the INTERPOLITEX- 2013 Organizing Committee. More information and reports will be made following the success of this enormous event.

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