Wednesday, 16 October 2013


NAVAL FORCES Magazine has been chosen by the chairman and organising committee of the 13th BALT MILITARY EXPO to be its OFFICIAL NAVAL MEDIA PARTNER, recognising the magazine’s editorial excellence and analytical ascendancy.
“This official enhanced partnership makes perfect sense to NAVAL FORCES,” asserts Co-Publisher Stephen Elliott. “The BALT MILITARY EXPO is the ideal platform for those companies concerned with naval defence and maritime security in this vitally important region – the lynch pin of Europe’s energy surety. NAVAL FORCES – and the Mönch Publishing Group – has been a long-time supporter of the BALT MILITARY EXPO, since our former celebrated and esteemed publisher Jan Wiedemann took the magazine’s helm; we intend to build on this relationship. You only need to lightly break the surface of the water to find an ocean of deep support for the Polish and greater Baltic Military-Industrial Complex from the entire Mönch Group of defence and national security publications.”
( L-R: NAVAL FORCES Co-Publisher Stephen Elliott, Balt Military Expo's Director and Sales Manager, Marek Buczkowski and Krzysytof Smiech, respectively. Source Mönch)
NAVAL FORCES Editor-in-Chief Stefan Nitschke (PhD) assures that there will be much Baltic Coverage in the May-June issue of NAVAL FORCES (III/2014) next year along with information before, during, and after the BALT MILITARY EXPO to present the challenges, concerns, innovations and strengths of this region.
The BALT MILITARY EXPO takes place in Gdansk, Poland – in the heart of the Baltic region – from 24 to 26 June 2014.  For more information, to exhibit or to register, please visit

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