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Clarion Events Middle East Signs Media Partnership Agreement with Mönch Publishing Group


Mönch Publishing Group’s CEO and NAVAL FORCES Publisher Volker Schwichtenberg signs a media partnership agreement with DIMDEX Director Joanna Edwards (Clarion Events Middle East), appointing NAVAL FORCES magazine as the Official Naval Media Partner for DIMDEX 2014 in Doha, Qatar, seen here at the NAVAL FORCES stand during UDT 2013 in Hamburg on 17 June 2013.
(Photo: Stefan Nitschke)

Mönch Publishing Group Marketing Director Stephen Elliott Esq (left) shakes hands with Staff Brig. (SEA) Abdulbaqi Saleh Al-Ansari (right), Deputy Chairman  of DIMDEX, and presents  Col. (SEA) Ahmed A. Al-Haroon (centre), Operations Director of DIMDEX at UDT Hamburg, after the agreement that NAVAL FORCES will be the Official Naval Media Partner at DIMDEX 2014 in Doha, the world's most prestigious international naval defence and maritime security conference and exhibition.
(Photo: Courtesy of DIMDEX)

Upcoming: Interview with Commander (E) E.P.M. van der Klip MSHE, Royal Netherlands Navy Programme Manager Heavyweight Torpedoes & Submarine Sonar Systems, on behalf of the Royal Netherlands Navy's Walrus Engineering Support Project (WESP).

(Photo: Stefan Nitschke)

News from the UDT 2013 International Fair, Hamburg, Germany

Deep Trekker Inc.|Canadian UUV specialist Deep Trekker Inc. introduced DTG2, a portable, low maintenance submarine mico-ROV suited for a wide variety of underwater inspection and monitoring missions. DTG2 weighs some 8.5kg (in air), is made of diecast aluminium with high toughness coating, and carries a high-resolution colour camera with 270 degrees of rotation, making this extremely manoeuvrable vehicle best suited for military/naval applications in ports/harbours and coastal waters. The tethered vehicle can be operated at a maximum depth of 75m, said Ms. Sam MacDonald, President of Waterloo, Ontario-based Deep Trekker Inc. The tether that contains embedded lightweight synthetic fibres has a diameter of 5mm. The vehicle’s extreme manoeuvrability is provided by a patented pitching system. According to Deep Trekker, the vehicle’s portability and accessibility is what makes it so attractive. Established in 2010, Deep Trekker believes that there is a worldwide increasing demand for the unique technology found in the DTG2 ROV, with the robust, easy-to-use vehicle filling in the gaps left by traditional ROV/AUV systems.

Deep Trekker’s DTG2 micro-submarine ROV is demonstrated here in an approximately, 1,000 litres tank at the 2013 UDT trade fair in Hamburg. Sam MacDonald: “The DTG2 can be ideally employed by the military for mine countermeasures missions and other underwater defence activities.”
(Photos: Stefan Nitschke)

Babcock International / BAE Systems / Rafael | BAE Systems, Rafael, and Babcock International Group have signed a teaming agreement in Hamburg to jointly promote a variant of Rafael’s TORBUSTER submarine-launched torpedo countermeasures system to the UK MoD. TORBUSTER is a fourth generation countermeasures system that combines soft-kill seduction methods and a hard-kill warhead to eliminate or disable acoustic homing torpedo threats. When the torpedo homes in on the countermeasures system, the decoy will sense when it is at the correct engagement point and detonates. This inflicts sufficient damage to the torpedo to neutralise it. TORBUSTER will be proposed for the UK Royal Navy’s “Astute” class and “Vanguard” class submarine life extension programmes. An initial operating capability will be provided on-board the “Astute” class attack submarines. BAE Systems Maritime Services will act as prime contractor in the UK, delivering selected hardware and software algorithms, local assembly, system integration, support to service entry, and in-service support.

On detection of an incoming torpedo, TORBUSTER propels itself to a safe distance from the submarine, then engaging the incoming threat by transmitting specific acoustic signals using technology based on Rafael’s SCUTTER reactive acoustic decoy.
(Photo: Stefan Nitschke)

Northern Diver | Northern Diver International Ltd., headquartered in Wigan in the UK, developed the ARTEMIS handheld diver sonar locator with GPS, the ultimate tool to find mines and other items underwater in low visibility 80m range. It is a modular console that can be configured as a diver target detection sonar and GPS underwater navigation aid. The device has been delivered to Estonia and Ireland as well as the UK Royal Navy’s Special Forces, said Jonathan Warburton, the company’s commercial sales representative.

Primarily developed for use by EOD mine clearance divers, ARTEMIS helps to quickly and safely relocate items of ordnance on the seabed in all states of visibility or when conducting night diving operations.
(Photo: Stefan Nitschke)

Pegasus Manufacturing| US company Pegasus Manufacturing Inc. showcased PEGASUS Thruster, a NiMH-powered underwater vehicle suited for deploying divers to their designated mission area. The vehicle’s endurance is 35 to 45 minutes, and it achieves a maximum speed of 2.5 knots. The 5.9kg (dry weight) vehicle is pressure tested to a depth of 250 feet.

PEGASUS Thruster enhances the diver’s ability to reach his mission area very quickly.
(Photo: Stefan Nitschke)

Clarion Defence & Security Ltd., the organisers of the UDT conference and exhibition, announced that UDT 2014 will be staged in Liverpool from 10 to 12 June, coinciding with the UK Government- backed International Festival for Business. The UDT conference and exhibition will take place at the Arena and Convention Centre (ACC) in Liverpool, which is ideally situated in the Kings Dock next to the Maritime Museum. ACC is a highly accessible location with easy access to local modes of transport, hotels, Restaurants, and regional and international airports. Liverpool has a strong and long established relationship with the maritime sector that remains an important economic driver in the region as it supports more than 30,000 jobs, generating £1.1Bn GVA. The building of a new Panamax Terminal was announced recently, while local industry is backing a bid to establish a new university in the city to develop 'Super Port' skills to complement existing educational courses in the marine environment.
The UK Trade and Investment Defence and Security Organisation has pledged its support towards Liverpool as a venue alongside those associations and societies that are historically supportive of UDT. Rear Admiral Simon Williams OBE, Chairman of Clarion Defence & Security, said: "Developments such as the convergence of defence and security and the increasing importance of offshore industries are presenting the undersea community - industry, defence establishments and academia - with formidable challenges. UDT is focused on meeting those challenges, which makes Liverpool a highly appropriate venue for our 2014 event. The city holds academic leadership in oceanography and engineering and is situated close to many key suppliers to the undersea sector, including the UK's only remaining submarine building yard at Barrow in Furness." The Rear Admiral went on to say: "Liverpool is recognised globally as one of the premier maritime centres that will provide a fitting setting for next year's event."
Source: Courtesy of Clarion Defence & Security Ltd.

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