Tuesday, 11 June 2013


Increasing Benefits for Maritime Systems Technology Community and Industry

Building cooperation (f.l.t.r.): Stephen Elliott Esq., Marketing Director NAVAL FORCES; Sam West, Steering Group Chair; Warren Edge, Event Director, MAST Europe 2013; Stefan Nitschke, Editor-in-Chief NAVAL FORCES; Pearl Donvin, Exhibition Logistics and Sales, MAST Europe 2013.
(Photo: MAST Europe 2013)

BONN – 12 June 2013, NAVAL FORCES Magazine announces that Editor-in-Chief Stefan Nitschke Ph.D. and Stephen Elliott Esq. have been admitted to the Steering Committee of MAST – the only organisation dedicated to the advancement of Maritime Systems and Technology.
Long-established as the only international community, conference and exhibition dedicated to senior-level technologists in naval defence and maritime security, MAST opens up debate to global experts from surface, undersea, and air-space domains, providing new perspectives on developments towards capabilities and requirements for national security, regional stability and – eventually – global prosperity.
Stefan Nitschke states that: “…The mission of MAST and its worldwide membership community of leading experts in naval defence and maritime security fits perfectly with the nature and mission of NAVAL FORCES magazine. This calls to mind the Mönch publishing group’s excellent relationship with the Military-Industrial Complex and the way we seek to facilitate progress in this discipline.”
Stephen Elliott assures that: “…The unique international and multi-regional market strength of the Mönch Publishing Group and its maritime ‘Flagship’ magazine NAVAL FORCES means that MAST and its members will reach and influence a wider audience during and after its annual conference and exposition.  This also allows supporting companies to inform and deliver untold benefits to the maritime military-industrial complex.”
MAST 2014 will be in Istanbul, bringing a decidedly “Eurasian” focus on this dynamic region. This will present maritime systems and technology from and for the region and the world in a unique, peerless way. Mönch’s SAVUNMA VE HAVACILIK magazine will play an important role at this unusual event.  More information to come…
Bi-monthly NAVAL FORCES Magazine (in English, est. 1980) has quickly overtaken other older naval publications and enjoys the status as the largest and most respected and influential naval defence and maritime security publication. Covering topics that range from deck equipment to vessel power and technologies keeping them afloat and their crews “alive,” its audited circulation is more than 15,000 – meaning circa 120,000 readers worldwide. Visit www.mpgbonn.de or www.nafomag.com (blog) for more information and insights.
Go to www.mastconfex.com for more information about joining and supporting MAST.

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